007 back in the hhoouuuse!!!

Image result for db11

WAAAAAAAAAAAAZZAAAAAAAAAAppppppp!!!!!!! It is me Emad! And we are back , yes back with another review. Today, it’s the Aston Martin DB 11! So I know that this might actually not be in a bond movie, but this car is still so cool. I thought when people were like oh, this is just another DB model that will have four doors and do nothing, and look plain. To be honest, this looks like a vanquish. This should have been a vanquish. This is the stats on the car stock.

HP: 600 hp
Engine: 5.2 L V12
Weight: 4,080
Price: $214,820                                                                                                                                                   Now this is an amazing price. This vehicle is definitely an amazing sight to see, and more expensive than my house. $215,000. I’m going to give this a 9/10, because I mean, this isn’t a DB model, It has to be a Vanquish. I’m going to leave now.

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