VIDEO GAMES ?!?!?!?!?

Image result for forza horizon 3

Image result for forza motorsport 6

WAZZAAPPP!!! It’s me and were back again with what seems to be wait wait wait, VIDEO GAMES? Welll, I got to tell you,  I love video games. And a video game dedicated to cars is amazing. The motor sport series is a series for racing and has very few mini-games. Personally I like the horizon series, because you can drive any where. The first one in Colorado, the second one in France and the third based in Australia. If you have an X-box 360, you can only get the first forza horizon and forza motorsport four and down. So if you loooove video games also like my good friend Samuel, I’ll leave a link to his blog. For now, CAR LOVERS, ROLL OUT!!!!



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