Image result for transformers last Knight poster

WAAAZZZAAPP!!! It is me Emadz Carz. I am an auto bot from the distant planet Cybertron. Well, okay weird ginormous robot typing with a huge needle. So, where was I. Oh, yeah. See, I like a good action movie, like when ever. So transformers has been great to watch and there is a new one coming out this summer. What really makes this my favorite movie series ever is the cars mixed with action when they turn into robots. This movie review and my last post about those videogames may have been my favorite so far. I know that my posts lately have been kind of random. Don’t worry though, because we’ll get back to cars soon. If you like random, I will leave a link below so you can check it out. For now, take it from here Optimus. AUTOBOTS,ROLL OUT!!!!



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